Forbes Advisor has named Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) as the leading cloud ERP solution for small and medium-sized businesses. In this article, we will delve into why Forbes praises BC and explain how it can help you streamline your business processes and grow your revenue.  

Why is D365 Business Central The Best SMB ERP? 

Forbes evaluated several ERP solutions based on various criteria, such as features, pricing, ease of use, security, customer service, and integrations. Here are some of the reasons why D365 Business Central stood out among its competitors such as Oracle Netsuite, SAP Business One Professional, and Acumatica: 

  • It offers robust functionalities for large corporations and enterprises, while also maintaining scalability and affordable option for small to mid-sized businesses. 
  • It has a transparent-cost model and a no obligation, free 30-day trial allowing you to test its efficiency prior to making a full commitment.  
  • It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface that ensures that those familiar with Microsoft products will find it effortless to navigate and operate.  
  • If you need to do business remotely, a comprehensive mobile application is available, enabling you to efficiently oversee your operations wherever you are. 
  • It has a robust warehouse management and reporting capabilities, which help you optimize your inventory and supply chain, and generate financial reports and custom analytics. 
  • It connects seamlessly with other Microsoft services like Power BI, Power Apps, and Microsoft 365, and of course Dynamics 365 CRM. These integrations help boost your productivity and foster seamless collaboration.  
  • It has a variety of third-party integrations available through AppSource, which let you connect with popular applications for analytics, commerce, finance, and HR.

How can D365 Business Central help your business? 

We all know that D365 Business Central can overall help you streamline your business processes, improve your efficiency and productivity, and grow your revenue. However, let’s highlight the functional benefits you can get from using Business Central: 

Efficient Financial Management 

With BC, you can experience effortless control over your finances and accounting, utilizing tools designed for handling accounts payable and receivable, bank reconciliation, general ledger, fixed assets, and cash flow management. You’ll have the convenience of accepting payments in various currencies, establishing subscriptions, and automating tax computations. 

Sales and Service Optimization 

The system is equipped with the capability of handling sales and service transactions, which allows you to efficiently use its tools for overseeing customer interaction, sales directives, and service requests. In addition, it enables the collection of product feedback, monitoring of potential clients, pipeline management, and coordination of meetings. 

Enhanced Project Management 

D365 BC’s project management tools empower you to manage your projects and resources with exceptional efficiency. It not only provides capabilities for strategic project planning and budget allocation, but also for predictive forecasting and improved resource distribution. Business Central comes equipped with expense tracking and project profit analysis tools. Moreover, it facilitates task delegation based on specific skills and availability, and the capability to craft custom project plans and schedules. 

Comprehensive Inventory and Supply Chain Management 

You can manage inventory and supply chain with BC’s comprehensive toolset, including features for warehouse management, purchasing, production, quality control, and logistics. It also allows for predictive maintenance, monitoring of your shop floor and equipment operations, and logistics synchronization. 

Streamlined Human Resources 

Thanks to BC’s tools for payroll, employee management, benefits administration, and performance evaluation, businesses can effectively manage their human resources. Additionally, you can automate workflows, audit trails, and compliance checks for streamlined operations. 

Advanced AI and Data Analytics Integration 

With Microsoft’s substantial investment in AI, including Copilot in their Dynamics 365 suite solutions, you can leverage its updated AI features and data analytics seamlessly integrated with Power BI and Power Platform. Create data visualizations, dashboards, and key performance indicators (KPIs) to share among your team members. 

Get Guidance from The Right Business Central Partner  

D365 Business Central’s endorsement from Forbes as the best cloud ERP for SMBs is no surprise, given its wide range of features, transparent pricing, ease of use, security, customer service, and integrations. These factors have helped many organizations work more efficiently, reduce stress, save money, and increase revenue in the long run. 

Talk to a Business Central partner, like TMC, to see how BC can benefit your business today.  

“Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading ERP solution for businesses of all sizes. Ideally, it’s best suited for companies that use Microsoft products or cloud applications, especially Power Apps and Power BI. Not only can it offer a unified view of financials and operations, but it can also optimize repetitive tasks and improve business efficiency.”

– Forbes Advisor 

About TMC

TMC (Technology Management Concepts) is a renowned Microsoft Solutions Partner located in Southern California. With over 350 Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM users in their clientele, TMC has a strong track record of software implementation spanning over 30 years. They have consistently been recognized as one of the top workplaces and fastest-growing businesses, earning the prestigious INC 5000 recognition and consistently ranking in the top 100 VAR.

Jennifer, the esteemed CEO and President of TMC, has been nominated for the Inspirational Woman and Role Model of the Year awards by the LA Times B2B Publishing Inspirational Women Awards and CRN Role Model of the Year Award, which showcases her exceptional leadership.

The TMC team comprises experienced professionals from various industries, bringing their unique blend of software expertise and practical business application to the table. This diverse background has been crucial to their consistent success. At TMC, they are committed to making a positive and lasting impact on their clients and each other.

What sets them apart is their distinctive and vibrant culture. Although they have the necessary expertise and resources, they foster a close-knit environment where every team member is valued and contributes to a collaborative, creative, and enjoyable work atmosphere. They strongly believe that a happy and fulfilled team leads to enhanced client experiences.