What to think about when choosing for your ERP system?



Today, executives understand the importance of having an ERP system within their company. The main question when a company wants to move toward an ERP system is “Should we move to the cloud or stay on premise? What do you choose? What does it change for us?

One right answer: it depends of what you want!

The simplest way is to know what your company wants is to ask the right questions to the right persons. Here are the questions you want to ask before taking any decision:

  • How do you prefer to pay?

With Hosted Dynamics GP, you pay for the number of user licenses. It is based on a licensing subscription model.

  • Do you want the right cost?

With Hosted Dynamics GP, you know in advance the exact cost of your system. The licensing fees are very predictable and can be known in advanced.

  • Do you want to start quickly?

With Hosted Dynamic GP, you are guaranteed to get a faster deployment and implementation than does on premise.

  • Do you want to save money?

With Hosted Dynamics GP, you don’t need to have your own server; you just need an internet connection.

  • Do you want security and control on you data?

With Hosted Dynamics GP, your data are secured by your provider and you also have 24/7 access to your data with options of adding and removing users if you choose.

Are you still undecided? If you want to learn more information about Hosted Dynamics GP, visit our website www.abouttmc.com.