The term, internet of things (IoT) defines the overreaching connectivity in most every aspect of our daily lives. In fact, by the year 2020 the world should ‘see’ 25 billion ‘things’ in use, noted Gartner in a recent study.For 2015,  Gartner’s  forecast predicts “4.9 billion connected things” in place—up 30 percent from just 2013.

How does this relate to the advancement in today’s ERP technology worldwide? Entrepreneur magazine point to IoT’s as “disruptive innovations” in this past decade, thanks to the surge in apps, social media and software:

“What’s different about the new IoT multi-industry tectonic shift is that it relies on a combination of software, hardware and cloud services.”

Again, Gartner makes a noteworthy prediction that among the accelerated users of IoT the top three verticals for 2015 will be manufacturing, utilities and transportation…”

Manufacturing ERP software continues to drive operational efficiencies, particularly when it comes to web-based platforms, like NetSuite software.

But this trend does not in any way leave behind those legacy programs and applications still at the core of business processes. Indeed, as companies migrate to cloud-based ERP systems they will be attempting to “integrat(e) cloud-based and legacy ERP applications.” In short, these so-called hybrid ERP systems will better serve the need for scalable software to meet the “new customer demands.”

As a Forbes contributed noted in a post, “Five Catalysts Accelerating Cloud ERP Growth in 2015,” these hybrid platforms are poised to benefit the manufacturing industry profoundly:

“Hybrid ERP systems are especially valuable for manufacturers who rely on diverse sourcing, supply chain, production and service operations as they can unify a company across diverse locations. Multisite ERP support has challenged legacy on premise ERP providers in the past, yet the current generation of Cloud ERP software providers are looking to capitalize on this requirement.”

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