Gartner sees more ERP systems in use by manufacturing

NetSuite ERP global use already exceeds 10,000 companies

More and more manufacturers are faced with the ongoing dilemma of how to get the most out of the vast amount of data available to them. Consequently, the growth in cloud-based ERP systems, like NetSuite ERP continues unabated: the venue provides the on-demand and real-time data businesses from which to make their decisions.

In fact, a study by Gartner points out that SaaS-based manufacturing and distribution platforms are sure to their growth move from “22 percent in 2013 to 45 percent by 2023.”

Driving this growth, notes Gartner, is the availability of the two-tier cloud adoption: the model provides a hybrid approach of using both an on-premise and cloud-based system.

Remarkably, about 47% of respondents to a methodology survey conducted by Gartner noted they are looking to move their core ERP system to the cloud within a five-year time period.

While about 30% surveyed are predicting they’ll keep the “majority of their ERP” suite on-premise, those using cloud-based ERP software rely on remote apps to monitor all facets of their manufacturing processes. Furthermore, receiving contracts as well as ‘alerts’ remotely are also given as big reasons to use a cloud-based ERP platform.

An interesting twist in the Gartner findings was the prediction that by 2017 about 70 percent of those companies using a hybrid approach may see little, or no, “cost-benefit” if their cloud apps fail to deliver “differentiating functionality.”

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