Dynamics GP 2016 improves supply chain transparency and inventory management. .jpg

Small manufacturers and distributors looking for growth opportunities may do so through a number of strategies, including acquisitions and developing new markets here and abroad, not to mention, as Forbes notes, cost cutting through outsourcing.

All of these strategies call for diligence in creating accurate financials to supply chain management (SCM) In the latter case, Dynamics GP 2016 presents an ideal ERP system for monitoring financials, client data and material flow; this, as goods move from supplier to the manufacturer, wholesaler to consumer.

In fact, Dynamics GP 2016, and its SaaS deployment in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, provides real-time data monitoring throughout the chain. In addition, the mobile platform offers improved methods for collaboration, from finance and project management to manufacturing resource planning as well as HR tasks.

Maintaining supply chain transparency is not a new concept. Overall, it translates to better pricing, availabilities and improved customer relationships, according to the Harvard Business Review’s assessment some six years ago.

“The new technologies of provenance will be as important for supply chain operations as they are for marketing. At each link in the chain, data accumulate and can be passed on, at a low cost, to the next stage.”

Enhancements to Dynamics GP system include the capability to tie in purchasing requisitions to specific projects. Users can also attach documents to support their project expenses. Improved inventory management is achieved through the Business Intelligence (BI) module with an All-In-One-Document Viewer for inventory.

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