Many companies have realized substantial rewards in migrating their infrastructures to the cloud. From greater scalability and more reliable storage to cost savings and enhanced data security, cloud-based services are ideal for many businesses. However, most companies simply cannot go this route alone without a reliable cloud service provider partner on board. With the many choices of technologies to choose from, a cloud service provider can provide expertise and assistance to make this transition run smoothly.

So what should a business look for in an experienced cloud provider partner?

Specialized Certification in the Selected Platform

After decision on the type of cloud platform that is right for the company, the selection of a provider partner for the migration should be a specialist in the chosen configuration. This expertise is usually documented by certifications that set them apart from other providers. A partner certified in Microsoft Azure solutions, for example, can be an indispensable part of the team when migrating to this platform.

Industry Experience

A cloud provider partner who has experience and familiarity with the current business environment is an absolute necessity. One that is familiar with the rules and regulations of the business’ industry can ensure that the cloud configuration is in compliance. Inquiring about previous migrations they have completed and obstacles encountered can give greater insight into their experience.

Projects With Positive Outcomes

An experienced cloud provider partner willingly shares case studies that showcase the results they were able to successfully obtain with previous clients. Companies should research the provider’s responsiveness to challenges and question their previous clients if they would hire them again.

Vendor and Subcontractor Relationships

Cloud providers may have multiple vendor partnerships as well as a complex network of subcontractors that play a role in service deliveries. Such aspects as accreditation level, technical capability, and certifications of third party team members should be clarified. Additionally, inquiries into any liability limitations and policies related to service disruption should be done. There must be complete transparency into all of these aspects. Should a business have highly mission critical projects, it may behoove them to not hire providers that heavily rely on subcontractors.

Every cloud service provider partner brings many types of bundles and pricing models to the table. As a result, it is essential that companies pay close attention to the above criteria when seeking one for their migration project. Our company offers many suitable Microsoft cloud solutions to fit any size business. Contact us for more information on how we can help your business successfully migrate your infrastructure to the cloud.

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