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With more and more businesses migrating to cloud services to protect and maximize the potential of their data, emergence of many cloud vendors in the market was all too evident. However, despite the influx of cloud providers in the market, there stands a big difference between just cloud suppliers and real cloud providers. Some of the features distinguishing Microsoft Azure from the others as a preferable cloud provider for any business include: 

1. Extending IT for increased efficiency

Some cloud providers make customers choose between their data center of cloud before they offer services. Microsoft Azure offers customers the benefit of extending their IT by smoothly integrating with the existing data center through a couple of mechanisms like the use of a hybrid database, storage solutions and encryption features that ensures your asset stays right there where you want them. Hybrid cloud solutions are the best as they offer the best of two worlds at a cost-effective price and contains lesser complexities.

2. Scaled up payments

While some cloud providers charge for services monthly whether you use the services or not, Microsoft Azure offers a reprieve. It’s pay-as-you-go services scale up or down the payments depending on what services you use on the cloud.

3. Smart decision-making

Microsoft Azure integration of services like machine learning, Cortona analytics, and stream analytics make it one of the best references before making and business decisions. You can use it to improve the business customer service and to streamline activities it the business.

4. Increased mobility

Lastly, Microsoft Azure allows users to run the app from anywhere enabled by Microsoft managed global network data centers.

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