Did you know that the average office employee uses about 10,000 pieces of paper each year? Yes, 10,000 pieces of paper per employee! Imagine this, your boss tells you they need a report from 3 years ago, but you have no idea where that document is. Now you’re going through all your archives—the huge stack of manila folders under your desk—and still cannot find it…

Digital Transformation is important because it gets rid of simple processes such as finding a certain document from a few years ago, and being able to access it whenever and wherever.

Azure Cloud Computing and Going Paperless

A paperless office is ideal for a few reasons: it makes things easier to find, it’s easier to communicate both internally and with clients, and it’s friendly to the environment. Paperless offices are becoming more and more widespread as technology like Microsoft Azure makes it easier for administrators to get everything done electronically. 

Record Maintenance

The IRS recommends you keep your tax records (both personal and business) for at least seven years at a time. While it’s tempting to simply stuff a copy labeled “2019” into the back of a filing cabinet, how likely is it really that you’ll be able to find it when the time comes? Keeping your records electronically makes them easier to find and saves you the trouble of finding a suitable place to store sensitive information on paper.


As wonderful as clients are, every business has experienced a time when they can’t find information you swore you sent them only a week ago. If your records are maintained securely in your office, it’s easy to send them another copy. This same principle holds true for internal communication. Most businesses have adapted to email and manage important messages electronically, but what about weekly meetings? With the ability to save everything on computers, it’s worth looking into presenting meeting notes through a computer screen-share format and recording everything, ensuring that if a particularly poignant question was asked or a handout distributed, it’s saved for reference if anyone needs to refer to it in the future. If you’re interested in keeping a closer eye on your internal communications, Azure Cloud might be the solution.

Environmental Friendliness

It’s well-accepted that the less paper an office uses, the better for the environment it is. Less paper means fewer trees need to be cut down, etc. But it’s not only the amount of paper used that impacts the environment. Printers, copiers, and other equipment that interacts with paper produce use inefficient electricity, much more so than optimized computer setups.

Azure Cloud Automated Backups

Most computer programs have auto-save or auto-backup capabilities, and it’s simple to configure a full-filesystem backup to process regularly. Maintaining backups isn’t just for liability or tax concerns. Thousands of Americans are targets of Ransomware attacks every day. Instead of paying a hefty ransom or being forced to completely rebuild your computer system, simply restoring from a backup can be done in only a couple hours. In addition to malicious attacks, there are plenty of natural disasters that can threaten paper data storage, but keeping cloud backups is an easy way to avoid losing critical data.

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