Discover the Ruth’s Hospitality Group Case Study

For restaurant employees, each work day is fast-paced and full of surprises. The last thing they need is a pile of paper creating obstacles in their already busy day. Every company strives to improve efficiency and find ways to cut costs. For companies in the restaurant and hospitality industry, going paperless is a very effective way to do just that.

One common challenge restaurant chains face is getting paper invoices from each separate restaurant location to the corporate office. Each location will ship stacks of documents to be processed each day, resulting in heavy courier fees and extensive delays in time to process payments.

Alternatively, each restaurant can use a desktop scanner or multi-function device to scan in all of the documents accumulated throughout the day. Those document images will be delivered to folders that the corporate office can immediately access and begin processing. Once the payments have been processed, an image of the check will be immediately captured through the integration with the accounting system and stored electronically with all the backup documentation. Whenever those documents need to be accessed again, the users with appropriate security rights can search and retrieve them immediately.

With a paperless solution, the time to process AP invoices is cut down dramatically, saving time and providing the opportunity to take advantage of early-pay discounts. Ruth’s Hospitality Group, for example, was able to cut down its AP closing process from several weeks to just a few days. “Once the restaurants initiate their side of the process by scanning the invoices in, we are able to jump on them and get them processed,” said Corinne Doherty, Business Systems Analyst for Ruth’s Hospitality Group. “That’s made for a much timelier closing process.”

Document management isn’t just for AP either. Any type of document that exists in an organization can be stored electronically, processed through workflow, and retrieved by the appropriate users. It can even be used to manage the on-boarding process for new servers, chefs and employees.

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