Microsoft Dynamics NAV is one of the more popular software solutions in the manufacturing industry because it allows organizations to streamline processes, enhance functionality and quickly adapt to changing customer demands. Below introduces some of the most powerful capabilities that benefit manufacturers.

Agile Manufacturing

This Dynamics NAV Agile Manufacturing function allows users to make exceptions, design rush orders and resolve last-minute changes to manufacturing processes through interactive planning and tracking. Users can add capacities to manufacturing processes, set up specific routings for production orders and better manage material requirements planning. Each load and task list can be viewed by the individual capacities.

Bill of Materials

Warehouses, transportation fleets and container ships depend on accurate and easy-to-read bills of materials. The Dynamics NAV Manufacturing Bill of Materials feature is powerful and easy-to-maintain because it comes with unique functions. For example, the new routing design allows users to maintain comparable versions of the routings and bills of materials. It offers independent functionalities for assigning labor to purchase orders, requisitioning POs to BOMs and tracking labor costs of production runs in Dynamics NAV.

Production Orders

Users can easily create and manage production orders and forecast consumptions against manufacturing data in NAV. After users create a new production order, they can automatically calculate the net requirements. The production orders platform includes a traditional supply planning tool for those who dislike automatic planning. The order planning feature offers the tools and visibility needed to manually plan for sales and future demand in order to directly create different types of supply orders.

Machine Centers

Dynamics NAV users who work with manufacturing operations can add machine center modules, which are designed to manage the individual capacity of one machine unit or production. Machine centers help users to better plan and manage capacity from two perspectives: a consolidated view for work centers and a detailed view for machine centers. This unique function allows users to store additional default information about manufacturing processes, such as setup times and scrap percentages, into the system.

The supply planning section helps users plan material requirements based on demand and master production schedules. This allows users to more easily balance supply and demand and automate production and purchase orders. Please contact us to find out how Dynamics NAV will enhance your manufacturing operations.