When it comes to manufacturing, efficiency is critical for ensuring your profit margins stay where they need to be. Any application or tool that can improve the efficiency at which you and your employees work is a big boost to your business, while any tool that delivers fragmented or convoluted solutions will end up doing more harm than good. For this reason, it is vital that you select the right application suite for enhancing and strengthening your business practices.

Dynamics Nav is the industry standard in manufacturing management. And if you’re curious about what a Microsoft Dynamics implementation can do for you and your business, here’s a quick look:

  • Gantt Charting
    Microsoft Dynamics uses a simple, familiar interface to help you plot and plan your production schedule. With drag and drop functionality and full graphical representations of your schedule, Dynamics makes it easy to track and monitor both short and long-term projects. It’s all about ease of use.
  • Management
    All manufacturing companies need some sort of production management, and Dynamics Nav delivers this in spades. Powerful tools help you to better coordinate your made-to-order jobs and your operations, along with product family planning that enables you to more efficiently use your schedule with shared routing.
  • Supply and Demand
    Supply planning is one of the most critical components of manufacturing, as is demand forecasting. Because these functions are inexorably linked, Microsoft Dynamics provides a bevy of tools for analyzing sales patterns, tracking material costs, making requisitions and developing demand plans. It’s your one-stop shop for controlling your business’s supply and demand components.
  • Inventory Management
    Anyone that works in manufacturing can tell you that it’s not just about the creation of products; it’s also about storing, tracking and shipping those products. Dynamics Nav allows you to integrate your manufacturing and warehousing workflows to help you better use your available space. Additionally, it delivers top-notch inventory management tools that update in real time so you always have the information you need.

Choosing an ERP software suite is tough, especially if you’ve never worked through the process before, but Microsoft Dynamics has long been the first choice of the manufacturing industry, and will continue to be the gold standard for the foreseeable future.

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