3 Reasons Why Controllers Prefer
Dynamics 365 Business Central

Why Controllers Prefer Microsoft Business Central to Dynamics GP

There are a number of reasons why controllers might prefer Dynamics 365 Business Central to Dynamics GP. Let’s take a look at them.

A big thing is Business central has a dynamic chart of accounts. It also has a modern interface that today’s workforce is expecting when they go to work and the controllers appreciate the fact that Business Central is updated automatically by Microsoft. Business Central has a dynamic chart of accounts which means a static chart of accounts does not have to be maintained by the accounting department. You don’t have to set up every combination of main accounts and segment values beforehand before they can be used. Business Central gives controllers the ability to define dimensions that can be part of a chart of accounts or additional to the chart of accounts to add more reporting functionality. The ability to use main accounts and dimensional values when transactions are entered, edited and posted gives the accounting staff a lot of flexibility. Also if controllers are using analytical accounting Dynamics GP, they can easily use dimensions to get that value that they’re now using aalytical accounting for. Also the use of dimensions in Business Central enhances the reporting options greatly. Regardless of your reporting tools, controllers will enjoy the flexibility they have in getting information out of Business Central.

One of the key things that Microsoft wanted to do with Business Central is keep the interface fresh and up-to-date. Business Central is more intuitive to learn and use. You can access it from anywhere. It’s a cloud solution so employees can use it wherever they are if it fits better into their schedules, makes them more productive and also there’s a mobile app that provides out-of-the-box functionality downloadable from Microsoft AppSource. And this is a big item for controllers.

With Dynamics GP they periodically have to update the system. It’s a big investment in time and money, but with Business Central the system is updated automatically by Microsoft on a regular basis so users get the freshest functionality, the freshest system, and up-to-date compliance features. We’re seeing that Business Central is receiving more development support than Dynamics GP. Microsoft is adding functionality to Business Central on an ongoing basis and these updates are made available to Business Central users almost on an instant basis.

So moving from Dynamics GP to Business Central is a good move for controllers. They like the fact that they have a dynamic chart of accounts and the modern interface is more attractive to today’s workforce, and the big point is that controllers can avoid the costly and time-consuming system upgrades that have to be done on a regular basis with Dynamics GP.

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