Microsoft | Customer Cash Receipts in Dynamics 365 Business Central

I want to show you an easy way to record customer payments in Dynamics 365 Business Central the easiest way to do it is to use the bank deposit. So let’s do that.

Bank Deposit

Go up to cash management Bank deposits. I’m going to create a new bank deposit. It’s going to go into this Bank and I want to show all my deposits as a lump sum in my bank account because that’ll make it easier to reconcile with a bank statement when I receive that so push that over and then what I want to do is I’m going to just build up the deposit. If I want to I could put a control amount in the deposit but I’m just going to leave that there.We’ll go back an fix it later. These are going to be customer payments. Look up my customer accounts for the document number. I can put a check number so let’s say this is the check number I’ll put that in. I then can put in either the total amount that the customer has paid me or I can build it up. So let’s build it up from Individual payments. So go to functions, apply, entries.
This will show me all the entries opened for this particular client and to assign a payment to a specific invoice. I’ll use the set applies ID it’ll put the check number in there and the amount here if I scroll over here I can see the amount applied. Let’s do the second one as well and then I can change them out so say the full amount was not paid here I can change that say only eight hundred dollars was paid. Furthermore, if I have a discount date I can change the discount date over here so that if I go past a discount date I can then recapture that discount for my client and that’s up to me whether I want to do that or not this is an easy way to do it and now let’s say for this client this is the total payment. When I hit OK it’s going to update the total deposit lines here. Let’s add one more. Change the check number. I’ll go back and apply that payment set that here and now I can save this I don’t have to post it right now I can save it but once I’m done and go ahead and post it and make sure that it posts properly I want to put in the total deposit amount here and that will post properly if I don’t specify the total deposit amount in the header and it equals the total deposit lines in the bottom here I’ll get an error it will not be able to post it but since these match I can go ahead and post it and I’m done.

Cash Receipts Journal

Another way that I can also record customer payments is to use the cash receipts journal. It’s very simple it’s very similar go up here, go to cash receipts Journal, I’ll select this one here, put in the check number, specify that this is a customer look up the customer amount, and then I can build the deposit in the same way here. I’ll go to apply entries. Here’s my entry right here let’s set the applies ID it’ll put the check number in hit OK and if I want to I can add a second one here. Let’s do that, change check number, go to the ply entries select this one here and I’m done. So I can go ahead and post this now.
What I prefer about the bank deposit method is that the amounts are shown as positive and the cash receipts journal these customer payments are shown as negative can be a little confusing but this is just another way to record customer payments. If you want to I’m going to go ahead and post this now let’s go ahead and take a look at what these look like in the bank reconciliation window so cash management bank account reconciliation I’ve got one started here let’s open that up and these three lines at the bottom match the transactions that we just posted so this one here this is the deposit and this summarized two payments to my customers you can see that’s summarizing one entry here. These last two were done on the cash receipts Journal. So I’ve got individual entries for each cash receipt so this shows you two ways to record customer receipts in Dynamics 365 business Central you can use the bank deposit method which is my preferred method or you can use the cash receipts Journal.

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