3 Ways to Add Landed Costs with Dynamics 365 Business Central

I want to show you three ways that you can add landed cost values to your inventory values and Dynamics 365 Business Central. We’ll look at how to add landed cost to the original items that are purchased from the original vendor. We’ll look at how to add landed costs from additional vendor and then we’ll look at how to add landed costs on items that have been transferred within your organization.

Landed Cost on Original Item Purchase Orders

So let’s get started. I have this purchase order for one item going to two different locations. The first is going to be the main location. The second is the West location. I’ve got 100 each and these are the unit costs, so what I want to do is I want to receive these in. So I’ve received those in I have not yet posted the invoice for it, so now I’ve gotten the vendor’s invoice for the items but also some additional shipping costs. Let me add the shipping costs to the value of the receipts in the West location. So I’m going to add a line it’s going to be a charge item and I’ve got set up already in my system different types of charges. This is going to be a freight charge and it’s going to be for the West location and I’m just going to add one here and the dollar amount is a hundred dollars.

Landed Cost from other Vendors

So this is the original Po from the vendor. I’ve received the invoice it has an additional item charge on it now I’m going to allocate it to the receipt applies to this line here. This is the second line on the PO. The item’s going to the West Warehouse. I suggest the item charge assignment and assigns it hit okay. I’m going to post this invoice in the second scenario I received an invoice from an additional vendor that has costs on it related to items that I’ve received into my inventory so I need to record that invoice and I want to apply the value to the inventory value in my system so I’m going to just put in a purchase invoice and line item is going to be an item charge again.
It’s going to be for Freight it’s in my main location it’s going to put a quantity of one and I’m going to charge 200 for this so now what I want to do is take this 200 and apply it to the inventory value in the main location so go up here, because this purchase invoice has no idea what this charge is related to I have to help it along a little bit so I’m going to get receipt lines and I can see this is the one right here this is going into main this is the PO that I just received so I’ll select that, hit OK, suggest item, charge assignment. It’ll move the quantity remaining to assign over to a sign hit close and now I can post this.

Landed Cost on Item Transfers

The next way I want to show you that landed cost can be added to items in Dynamics 365 business Central is on transfer orders.So I’m going to enter a transfer order it’s going to be a direct transfer from the main Warehouse to the east warehouse for quantity of 50. so let’s post that and on this transfer I used a shipping company to move the items and now I have a freight bill from them I want to add that to those 50 that I sent to the other Warehouse. So let’s put in the purchase invoice, so the freight cost to get those items to the east Warehouse was 150 dollars I’m putting an invoice in for 150 dollars and now I want to apply it to that receipt at the East Warehouse I go back to the item charge assignment window and I’m going to look up the transfer receipt lines and here’s a transporter that we just posted I’m going to select that hit OK sign the charge and then post this invoice now let’s look at the inventory evaluation for this particular item and you can see that this is my current available inventory for this particular item and you can see that the receipt on the first po to the West warehouse for 100 items have additional landed costs there’s the current unit cost and then for the 100 that I sent to the main Warehouse I had an additional invoice from another vendor for Freight I added that as a land of cost and you can see that the unit cost here is 142.50.
Then finally I did a transfer order from part of my inventory from Maine to East and I added additional Freight for that to make that happen I also added that as a land of costs and you can see that the unit cost that’s being maintained for that item in that location is 145.50. So this shows you that Dynamics 365 Business Central can maintain separate costs in separate locations and there’s three ways that you can apply landed costs to your receipts and your transfer orders.

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