Dynamics 365 Business Central vs. Dynamics GP
*** Ledgers & Batches ***

Hello and welcome to this video series, “Dynamics 365 Business Central for GP Users”. We’ll explore what a GP user can expect to find if they’re moving to BC.

In this video we’ll compare GP’s “Batches” to Business Central’s “Ledgers”. My name is John Hoyt I’m the Solutions Architect of TMC. Let’s get started.

As the old saying goes “All roads lead to Rome” and it was true Rome was the center of the world and your path to success would lead you to Rome. Today the path that everyone wants to follow is to the cloud and that road leads to Business Central and the Microsoft Cloud.

Side note: Dynamics GP is not going away full stop. Check the link for more details in this video. We’ll look at how GP’s budgets, compare to Business Central. Off we go.

Now in the GP system of course everything is organized around batches. If I’m working inside the payables and I’m creating payables transactions. I’m going to need to create a batch and within that batch I can have as many transactions associated as I want and then of course I can process that batch as a single action by posting that batch you can of course also turn on transaction level posting but GP system was really designed for batch level posting. It’s a more efficient way to process our transactions through. Now in the Business Central system we don’t use batches. If i look at something like my open sales invoices for example, again I’m navigating straight to a list of all the invoices I could open any of these individual invoices and I could choose to post them individually.

I can go through and preview and prepare and do everything I can also go to that same list of open sales invoices and say I want to post more than one transaction at a time by using my select more function or I can pick individual transactions that I want included or grab every transaction that’s inside that list and then have the same posting options available here, preview the posting post and send out the documents etc.

The same thing is true but organized a little bit differently when we get up to the general ledger level and now we’re going to talk about in general journal is a grouping or a collection of journal entries that will all end up posting to one of the ledgers in this case to the general ledger if it was a payables transaction my list of payables transactions would post into the purchasing ledgers ledgers just hold the activity and the journals actually create that activity and within any one of the journals I pull up something like my deferred revenue batch for example what I’m going to have inside that journal now is a listing of journal entries related to transactions that all have some type of deferred revenue and I can review these individually and I can again go through that post process. Post this journal individually if I navigate back to the list of all of my journals I will again have that select more function and I can pick multiple batches or I can create all of the batches. This allows me to have a standardized approach across all of the Business Central system the way that I work with transactions working from a list and then posting individually or posting as a batch working with the journals at the general ledger level posting individually or posting as a group that standardized approach makes training simpler for the users. It simplifies everything if you understand the process in one part of Business Central you’re going to understand that process throughout the Business Central system and again as always because we’re part of the larger Microsoft ecosystem, if I need to work with that data in some way shape or form I can simply search for excel and on that current page of my general journals to choose to either open the list in excel or edit my list in Excel and that com that function of course available throughout Business Central with almost any of the lists that you can pull up. Open in excel and for certain transactions and master records the ability to edit in excel as well so just to review then real quickly.

The ledgers and journals in Business Central correspond most closely to the batches in the GP world. We do have the option of transaction level or group level posting in the Business Central world that standardized approach simplifies user training makes the system a little more efficient for everyone and with our Excel function the ability to export and then import in and out of those journals and you can see those again here with all the different examples.

So ledgers and journals single post and mass post a standardized approach and the ability to do import and export via excel all native functions inside the Business Central system.

That concludes this video series if you haven’t had a chance yet you can take a look at our videos around smart lists, around the account formats and around budgeting as we continue to compare GP to Business Central.

If you have any questions or would like to make a suggestion on what we should cover in the next video please comment down below. I’ll do my best to answer your comments and if you need any immediate technical support I invite you to visit our website www.abouttmc.com.

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