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Holiday traditions are in full gear and so once again we’re very excited to Adopt a Family through the Hope Street Family Center. Every year we participate in the program, buying gifts for and celebrating with the families at the Center in Downtown Los Angeles. 

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With poverty and unemployment increasing, economic inequality has undoubtedly worsened in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. With that in mind, the TMC family constantly aims to put its efforts into giving back to our community. During the holiday season, nothing seems more worthy a cause as helping a family in need and bringing joy to children that suffer many hardships throughout the year.

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This year we have the pleasure of spending the day with a beautiful family of four. Furthermore, we are helping the hosts serve food as well as crack open our brilliant board game skills.

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 Family is a core value at TMC so the nature of the program means that it holds a special place in our heart. Hence we make time for the Hope Street Family Center every year. We hope that our continuous involvement makes a difference and implore others to do the same and join us!

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