tmc family 2017 holiday party title

This year’s holiday was very much a family affair; the biggest TMC family gathering since the annual retreat. The gracious Harris family played host this year, where we had a bit of everything: ocean views, football, FOOD, and presents.

1. Only in Southern California would it be warm enough to even think about going to the beach in December. And seeing the waves from our holiday party was quite a treat.

tmc family at holiday party -1

2. The Chargers beat the Cowboys by a landslide so we’ll take that as a hometown victory!

tmc family at holiday party -2

3. Not only were there tons of appetizers floating around, lunch was delicious and the desserts were scarily addictive.

4. Gifts. So. Many. Presents.

tmc family holiday presents -1       tmc family holiday presents -2


Gift wrapping is a big part of our holiday parties. Every year the TMC family participates in a program where they adopt a local Los Angeles family through the Hope Street Family Center. We hope they feel like we spoiled them this year because we enjoyed wrapping the plethora of presents we have ready for them!

However, the main event was definitely White Elephant – significantly more vicious than expected! The most sought after gifts were the Amazon Echo Dot, fancy Whisky, a foot spa, and Tupperware collection. If the present didn’t lock in after 3 steals, we would probably still be sitting there.

Our fabulous leader Jennifer also outdid herself, giving us all a pick of some pretty luxurious presents! Huge Yeti Cooler vs Amazon Echo Show was a very big debate in a lot of our minds.

tmc family at holiday party -3
Happy Holidays from all of us at TMC!
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