SalesPad: Sales Monitor

Need a way to view all of your sales documents at one time? Do you want to see the status of each open order? SalesPad offers just that!

The Sales Monitor is an easily accessible module within SalesPad that allows users to view the status of each open order.

Choose to view orders all on one tab

Sales Monitor_1

Or choose to view orders by their Document ID

Sales Monitor_2

Filter out orders by Sales Representatives

Sales Monitor_3

Adjust Security features on a user Group basis to allow:

  • Batch Totals to show
  • Cost to show
  • Document Totals to show
  • Gross margin to show
  • Document ID groups to show
  • To specify which Document IDs are visible on the Sales Monitor
  • To specify which warehouses are visible on the Sales Monitor

View a grid of your open orders per Document ID and status (also easily exported into Excel!)

View only one Document ID and Status at a time

Sales Monitor_4

Or view several Document IDs and their Status at a time.

Sales Monitor_5

Completely customize your view by adding and removing columns of data on your Order grid.

Sales Monitor_6

Drill down to the Sales Document, Customer Card, or even Sales Representative through links already created in the Order grid

Sales Moniotr_7

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