1/2 SalesPad Series: Sales Made Easy

Looking for a way to streamline your sales entry? Or an environment where all of your Customer, Vendor, and Inventory information is all easily accessible? SalesPad maybe the program you’re looking for.

SalesPad for Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies your processes by integrating your data from Great Plains into a simple environment built to make sales order entry more efficient, Customer and Vendor information more accessible, and Inventory Management easier than ever before.


SalesPad was created with the user in mind:

  • Screens and windows are similar to Microsoft Office programs; instilling a feeling of familiarity when first using the program
  • Screens are easily customizable to match each user’s preferences
  • Searching for Sales Documents, Customers, Vendors, and Items is simple, yet powerful. You can narrow down results to a specific criteria or set a broad search to locate more data
  • All grids and tables of information can easily be exported to excel for quick reporting

With SalesPad, users are able to create Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Returns – all with the click of one button. It also offers the ability to build “workflows;” guiding each user through the proper process for orders, eliminating errors and making procedures more effective and efficient. These workflows can ensure a payment was processed, mark an order when an item is on backorder, or even put an order on hold when it is missing necessary information.