The tech industry constantly evolves, as does the conversation surrounding gender diversity and empowerment. At the Community Summit, we wholeheartedly engage in discussions that drive positive change. Among the diverse array of sessions, the Women in Tech panel shines each year.

This year the panelists are exploring critical topics like Mentorship, Allyship, Community Engagement, Personal Growth, and Opportunities for Women in Tech at 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM on October 18, 2023, at the Legends Theatre.  

Meet Jennifer Harris 

 Jennifer Harris, TMC’s President, is returning as a featured panelist at the Women in Tech session for the third consecutive year. She is more than a leader; she is a mentor, and advocate, and embodies authenticity. Her powerful words from last year emphasized the significance of taking risks and fostering allyship. 

Her message was clear: taking risks may not bring immediate benefits, but it’s a path to growth. She encourages women to embrace discomfort, knowing they’re the best for the job, and to exude confidence. Her philosophy revolves around collective improvement through risk-taking and mutual support, extending to both men and women who champion allyship.  

Jennifer underscores the importance of women supporting each other, offering assistance when needed, and recognizing when someone requires help. She advocates speaking out against workplace injustices. While men’s support is appreciated and essential, women supporting women has a profound impact. 

TMC’s Commitment to Women in Tech 

Jennifer’s passion and values are ingrained in TMC’s culture, reflecting what we stand for. We are proud supporters of leaders in the technology industry, particularly for women. Our mission centers around bridging the gender gap in the tech community, a cause we wholeheartedly champion at the Women in Tech panel. Our commitment is to increase the representation of women in tech-related roles and foster their growth within the industry. We consistently advocate for this mission every year, including our sponsorship of various women in tech programs, such as the Annual AAUW Long Beach STEM Career Conference and The Brenda Diener Memorial Scholarship for Women in Tech.

Join us at the Community Summit Women in Tech Panel & Reception! 

The Women in Tech panel at the Community Summit symbolizes the ever-evolving nature of the tech industry. Guided by leaders like Jennifer Harris, this session cultivates growth, empowerment, and allyship. We invite you to join us in these impactful discussions and a visit to our booth at #1226 at the Summit to learn more about our culture.

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