NetSuite Going Mobile: ERP Software & Cellular Phones

Have you felt the need recently to play hooky from work? Maybe it snowed the night before and you simply don’t want to drive on slick roads. Or the sky too beautiful to be stuck in doors all-day staring at your computer monitor. Then there’s the ultimate, your bed telling you to return for no other reason than to spend a dreamy day curled up nice and warm. No matter what willed you to call off from work, even though nothing ailed you, you’re playing hooky. Once in a while everyone needs a hooky day, or what we now refer to as a “personal day.” It helps recharge us, and reminds us that there’s more to life than working.

Although there is no agreed upon explanation why we use the term “hooky” there are many theories floating about. One being that in the nineteenth century public schools started implementing attendance rules. It was now required that students come to classes daily. During that time the children used a slang saying “hook it”, as in to make off with or escape. So someone not attending school “hook it” for a day. Later the two words were mashed together to form hooki then hooky.

Around the same time another slang word “hook” was used. In its simple form hook meaning as in to steal, may have also contributed to the term hooky. By not attending classes, children were stealing a day off from school.

NetSuite understands the need to get away from the office now and then. NetSuite’s ERP software utilizes the newest mobile technology supporting mobile devices such as iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. You can be away from your office and still know exactly what’s going on, no matter where you are. Your sales team can also receive real-time access to the information they need. NetSuite integrates with your personal calendar keeping you undated and allowing you to accept or decline meetings on the go. Now you can play hooky and not feel guilty taking a day for yourself.

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