TMC Donates $500 to Invisible Children


TMC is proud to donate $500 to their client Invisible Children in their personal team goal of raising $10,000 to help end Joseph Kony’s reign in Africa of terrorizing innocent people. TMC has been working with Inivisble Children over the past few years, providing them Microsoft Dynamics GP for their ERP software solution, to help enable their business to become more streamlined which has helped them grow and be able to use more resources to fight Kony’s army and save lives of innocent children in East Africa. To find out more about how has helped their other Non Profit clients, and how they can do the same for your Non Profit company, visit this page 

To make a donation and help Invisible Children achieve their goal, please visit their fundraising page here. We also ask that you use the social media links above to help spread the word of Invisible Children’s charitable actions. Please also use #zeroLRA on any postings. Stand for Nothing, Change Everything.

The Finance Department at Invisible Children, is reaching out to all vendors and people everywhere for support. TMC is trying to also help Invisible Children spread the word.  Below is the essence of their campaign:

“We believe that stopping injustice anywhere is the responsibility of humanity everywhere. That’s why we are committed to seeing an end to Africa’s longest-running armed conflict: Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) have been terrorizing innocent people in central and East Africa for more than 27 years. They are known for brutally kidnapping children and forcing them to become child soldiers and sex slaves. In Uganda alone, 10,000 of the children who have been kidnapped are still missing.

Thanks to increased global awareness and action, Kony and the LRA are weaker than ever, but they will remain a deadly threat until the group has been disbanded completely–until all the women and children have escaped and all the soldiers have surrendered. Until there are zero LRA.

This fall the Finance Team at Invisible Children is determined to raise $10,000 for Invisible Children’s #zeroLRA campaign, which is helping to bring kidnapped women, children, and abducted soldiers home from the LRA and reunite them with their families. We are standing for nothing. No child soldiers. No killing. No war. We are celebrating everything. Every escape. Every name. Every life.

We are confident we can reach our goal with your help. If you choose to make a tax deductible donation, we assure you it will make a huge difference. Already this year, 58 people have escaped from the LRA and returned home, largely due to Invisible Children’s life saving programs. Check out this short video to see exactly what your donation will achieve.

We are so close to ending this war, but we still have work to do in order to truly achieve a world with zero LRA. To make a donation and help us achieve our goal of $10,000, please visit our fundraising page here.

Thank you so much for working alongside Invisible Children and supporting us in the fight for justice.”

TMC thanks you for helping spread the word of this great cause. God Bless