MS Azure - Provides Agility for Users of the Microsoft Stack

The meeting with the C-suite went well: You pitched the need for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to handle an array of functions, from financials and inventory management to better collaboration with the company’s workflow. Everyone agreed it was time to ‘disconnect’ from all the separate programs in favor of a single database managements system, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Admittedly, the accounting department was feeling the increase in business, including an uptick in orders from abroad. Consequently, more time was spent correcting data entries, and creating valid financial reports. Furthermore, with the opening of another branch office on the horizon, ‘mobility’ was imperative, and Microsoft Azure cloud services offered a highly tested and secure SaaS platform for Dynamics GP.

In short, as Forbes noted in an ERP overview, more and more companies are moving their ERP services to the cloud:

“…today’s midmarket executives can not only implement enterprise systems in a fraction of the time and cost, but they can exploit new external channels and media to find and retain more customers, link external systems with existing internal systems to increase efficiencies, and consider opportunities to simultaneously decrease costs and increase revenue.”

A crucial feature provided by Dynamics GP is the ability for document exchange. Users can create their work orders, contracts and invoices for sharing with vendors, or clients, regardless if they use Dynamics GP or not. What’s more, a third party messaging application gives GP users an easy way to attach even Project Accounting data as a static document—-and only authorized users can make modifications.

The Dynamics GP and MS Azure platform is fully scalable, allowing businesses to pay for services as needed…24/7. In addition to a variety of subscription levels, users can also access data remotely through their tablets, smartphones and laptops.

The benefits from using ERP software can have a positive impact on the company’s ROI, according to a WSJ/CIO Journal report post this January, particularly when “diligent efforts (are made) to empower the workforce to make better use of the system’s many benefits.”

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