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As a manufacturer with global distribution you’ve relied too long on old programs to handle back office accounting tasks.

For one thing,  now that you’ve expanded the number of lines in your facility, you’re also doing business with more vendors.

Consequently, your accounting department is spending too much time tracking vendor invoices and purchasing orders.

One national supplier suggested using electronic data interchange (EDI), and that it is part of the Microsoft Dynamics GP software. With it, companies can exchange documents securely using a standardized format; this, without any need for “human intervention.”

A key area that needed changes, and is well suited for today’s Dynamics GP pricing, is better monitoring of the complete supply chain, something the managers and supervisors have complained about.

In general, the logistics of supply chain management is vulnerable to missing shipments, and wrong shipments being shipped. The result, of course, is a cycle of poor customer relations and lower profit margins.

On top of these concerns, according to the post, “Is your supply chain stuck in a silo?” on BuildNetwork, are the missed opportunities when not practicing “nearsourcing,” or drilling-down inside the supply chain more effectively.

Delays in product shipments, returns and even tracking parts inventory for the manufacturing facility are best solved by using an ERP platform like Dynamics GP.

But manufacturing success is not always about moving the product through the supply chain, as noted on the BuildNetwork:

“It’s about processes that affect every aspect of a business’s competitive position (from) customer relationships, brand perception, financial efficiency, employee productivity, and more.”

To eliminate existing silos of data that slow down the entire business process, from finding the right invoice, to billing vendors and customers and even to engage customers in their social media networks, contact us.

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