Licensing for Dynamics GP 2013

Microsoft announced the next release of Dynamics GP 2013 earlier this year, and the excitement has been building steadily.  Most of the early buzz was focused on the development and deployment of the new “Web Client”, a browser-based means of accessing Dynamics GP.  Users will no longer be required to be on the network using the traditional client application (or accessing the traditional client application thru a vpn, Citrix or Terminal Services client), but will now be able to access Dynamics GP 2013 via their web-browser and the new Web Client.

Microsoft has also focused on greatly simplifying the licensing for Dynamics GP as well, reducing the number of options and a la carte items from the current schema.  Going forward, there will be only 5 items on the new Dynamics GP 2013 price list:

The “Starter Pack”.  This is the base of the system and it is required.  The Starter Pack contains all of the core pieces of the Dynamics GP system (General Ledger and Financials, Reports and Budgeting, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Inventory, And Purchase Order Processing).  The Starter Pack will also include unlimited Human Resources and Payroll.  The Starter Pack will also include 3 Full Users to get you started.

The “Extended Pack”.  For those companies that have some specific needs above and beyond the Starter Pack, the Extended Pack is a single license that contains the advanced functionality of Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Project Accounting and Field Service, along with the Microsoft Forecaster system for advanced planning and budgeting.

The “Full User” license.  The Starter Pack includes 3 Full User licenses, and additional licenses can be purchased.  Full Users have essentially unlimited access to create and update new records and transactions, and full tights for inquiry and reporting into historic transactions.

The “Limited User” license.  Similar to the Full User license, Limited Users will have full inquiry and reporting capabilities, but they are limited to the Time and Expense capabilities for entering new transactions.  For many employees, these two capabilities (entering timesheet information for the Payroll system, and entering expense reports for the Project Accounting system from the Extended Pack), along with inquiry, will likely be all of the capabilities needed.  Additionally, there will be no GP license needed at all for the direct extraction and reporting for the Dynamics GP data held in the Microsoft SQL Server databases (other than the required SQL Server Client Access License).

The “Configuration Pack”.  Microsoft is combining the capabilities of the current Customization Suite and the Integration Suite into a single license for the Configuration Pack.  This tool Pack will include the tools necessary to both modify the GP system and to connect the GP 2013 system to external data sources and systems.

With these changes to the licensing of Dynamics GP 2013, Microsoft has been able to simplify the licensing model, allowing Customers to focus their time and attention on getting the most out of the GP system and not spending too much time on trying to understand the complexities of licensing ERP software.

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