TMC Free GP 2013 Mobility Class – April 24th 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Microsoft Downtown LA Office

TMC is pleased to announce a new innovative, “hands on” training class where you will be able to test Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 for free! In this class you will be able to see in person how Dynamics GP 2013’s software can help transform your business by becoming mobile in The Cloud. You will be able to test the software in a live, hands on environment, using a desktop, a laptop, or tablet to see how it relates to your business which is always on the move.

TMC will be joined by Craig Crescas, Partner Technology Advisor, from Microsoft to show you every in & out of the software and how you can utilize it for your business. Having Craig come for the class is a huge pleasure and you will for sure leave here with every question you can imagine answered. He will team up with TMC’s Solution Specialist John Hoyt to help walk you through the demo of GP 2013.

This demo of GP 2013 will reassure you that it can keep up with your business’s hectic lifestyle. Is your CEO heading on a 12 hour flight to Europe? No worries, he can access all your business’s crucial data on his real-time dashboards to make sure nothing goes unseen while on his long business trip. Need your sales people out in the field to update their CRM? They will also be able to access the GP 2013 software in real-time to update their progress for their Sales Managers to see.

Why Select Microsoft Dynamics?


As many companies search for new ERP software, they are flooded with presentations from prospective companies trying to sell them their software. This can be a grueling process where you can be overcome with mass amounts of info and getting the standard “sales pitch” forced upon you. TMC  on the other hand is providing you a Free Class where you can come in and test it to your companies settings to make sure first hand, the software is right for you! No pressure, no obligation. We just want to show you how confident we are in the new Dynamics GP 2013’s capabilities, and that it can help your company!

Not only will you get this amazing opportunity to have a hands on learning experience of GP 2013, we are also offering you a great deal to get your business up and running on Dynamics GP 2013 for cheap. Microsoft’s Easy Start Offer will give you Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack which includes 3 full users for $3,000 ($5,000 value). We will have more information in regards to pricing specials and implementation packages at the class. This class is only limited to 25 attendees (2 per company) so sign up quickly before it’s too late! Sign up today by clicking the link provided or call Pat Quimby at 310-559-3982 ext. 784.