GDPR are you ready

Though we have already talked a lot about this topic, the real question remains: ARE YOU READY? As you may know, on May 25, 2018, the GDPR privacy law takes effect, setting several important rules for privacy rights, security, and compliance.

We already know what the GDPR is, but here’s what is included in the new regulations:

The regulations include:

Enhanced personal privacy rights with more flexible controls for individuals to access and interact with their personal data.

Increased duty for protecting data including stricter guidelines for confidentiality and record keeping, and more transparent policies for data handling.

Mandatory breach reporting, privacy personnel training, and the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (in larger organizations).

Significant penalties for non-compliance, including substantial fines that apply whether an organization has intentionally or inadvertently failed to comply.

Knowing what the GDPR is a good start,  but in order to get ready here is an example of Microsoft’s approach.

How Microsoft approaches the GDPR:

Assess and manage compliance risk:  An on-going assessment of your compliance posture with actionable insights to improve your data protection capabilities.

Protect personal data:  Data governance and protection of your sensitive data across devices, apps both on-premises and in the cloud.

Streamline processes:  Built in audit-ready tools that help you collaborate between teams and manage your processes.

Now, you are on a journey to reach the privacy objectives and mandates of the GDPR. We know that the GDPR will require significant changes by organizations all over the world, including Microsoft. Although your journey toward GDPR compliance may seem challenging, TMC is here to help. For specific information about the GDPR, and beginning your journey, feel free to contact us.