Forbes: The backbone of today's 'mobile sales team' are SaaS platforms delivering immediate data.

Obviously, in today’s digital climate, productivity is no longer tied to desktop PCs: sales teams, for example, close deals faster, project managers access information in real-time and company stakeholders make decisions based on relevant data.

What might be termed ‘critical information,’ like knowing client contract status as you leave the parking lot, is made available upon demand via cloud-based SaaS applications; this, from an array of digital devices, thanks to the cloud-based programs like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Gone are the days when sales people had to tell clients they’d have an answer to their questions once-they-returned-to-the-office.

Today, companies strive to gain market share as they shift their emphasis from legacy support methods embracing the “mobile sales team,” according to a post by Stephanie Dart on the Forbes website. Relying on “static data,” like “lists and forms,” doesn’t cut it anymore.

Consequently, sales teams, marketing and company stakeholders receive immediate data, thanks to the single database management system that defines Dynamics GP. Moreover, this means higher-levels of interaction with customers, the kind helps marketing create relevant campaigns and manufacturing to tweak designs reflecting customer demands.

Dart favors business tool applications, such as Dynamics ERP, to produce winners in competitive environments:

“…salespeople and other field-based workers require instant access to information and insights from wherever they are and from whatever device they choose. To stay relevant and ahead of the competition, sales reps cannot afford to wait until they are in the office to be productive and capitalize on new opportunities.”

Furthermore, she notes…

“The tools must provide organizations with efficiencies for internal processes (to) advance initial relationships into profitable customer accounts and strategic partnerships.”

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