Everything You Need to Know About Microsoft dynamics gp 2016

The release is set for April 2016 and Microsoft has updates on the new features and product road map.
Let’s discuss a few of those key features and show you how dynamics gp 2016 can fit your business model.
Key Features to Look For:

  • BI Reports on the Home Page
  • Export Numbers to Excel Formatted as Numbers
  • Budget Import Exception Report
  • HTTP Support for MR
  • SmartLists from Favorites
  • Sales All in One Document View
  • Social Listening and Social Analytics

Let me elaborate on a few of those elements to better explain what is so exciting about dynamics gp 2016.

No More Silverlight
There is a lot of excitement buzzing around the release of HTML5, which is replacing Silverlight as the interface for the GP Dynamics 2016 web client. This change is expected to increase navigation speed and performance within the cloud. You can learn more about dynamics gp 2016 features in the cloud here.
Sales All in One Document View
This view will give the user the ability to see all of a transaction’s sales data in one convenient document view. This option will be view-able from the home page, many sales inquiry windows, from Customer Maintenance and navigation lists. Be empowered with the knowledge available to help your company move forward with confidence.
Social Listening and Social Analytics
You can already search boards and forums on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. But now you are able to search those same avenues and custom sources via RSS. This also includes non-public platforms like Yammer, Basecamp and Wrike, giving you access to the work teams that are getting things done in your organization. Stay on the leading edge of that new idea or development.
To learn more about this great new software, and to explore the opportunities that exist for your organization, please contact us.

Written by B.H (Sales Team)