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With faster networks and WiFi connectivity virtually everywhere, why would anyone care about working offline? If you’ve ever traveled out of network range, been slowed down by an unreliable connection, or blocked by a restricted site, then you know the answer. In this brief Dynamics 365 training, you’ll learn how to enable your organization to work offline without sacrificing any of the application’s functionality.

Mobile Offline Configuration

To configure Dynamics 365 for mobile offline work, click Settings > Mobile Offline > Mobile Offline Configuration, read the disclaimer, and click Continue. That’s all there is to it, but this task must be performed by an administrator, as not every user will have the appropriate permissions to access or change this setting.


A Microsoft Dynamics 365 system customizer selects the entities to include for Mobile Offline, along with the data download filters. You can include system entities and custom entities. The system customizer then defines the datasets for different users, depending on their roles. Go to Settings > Mobile Offline, and then click Mobile Offline Profiles. Give the new profile a name and description, and then define some data filters. Now you can associate user accounts with the new offline profile. You’ll also need to publish the new profile so that it’s ready for action.

Data Synchronization

The Mobile Offline framework ensures that all records based on the users’ offline profile definitions are synced and refreshed on each user’s mobile device. Mobile users can also follow specific records to always have a fresh copy for offline usage. In addition, there are a few out-of-the-box sample profiles that can be customized and used as a starting point.

When a user is back in network range, all that he or she needs to do is reconnect to Dynamics 365, and everything that was added offline will be automatically synced. With Mobile Offline, network disruptions of any kind no longer matter, and you’ll have a rich offline experience on all of your mobile devices wherever you go.

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