Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers the performance and functionality that powers a wide variety of businesses around the world. MS Dynamics SL brings people, processes and systems together to achieve goals, streamline operations and facilitate communication.

Powerful Capabilities

Dynamics SL gives people access to task, project and financial administration capabilities that meet diverse business needs. Financial management modules include general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, currency operations, bank reconciliation, cash administration and financial statement translation. SL comes with comprehensive capabilities, out-of-the-box functionality and flexible deployment options. Organizations use MS Dynamics SL as both a new business management solution and an existing upgrade to expand capabilities. Startups use it to get up and running quickly, effectively and affordably.

Customized Solutions

Certain industries prefer MS Dynamics SL cloud because Microsoft’s partners have created industry specific platform solutions and add ons. Both local experience and technical knowledge of specific industries ensure that SL is the best solution to meet unique business needs. For example, professional services use Dynamics SL to maintain profitability, improve decision-making and manage financial processes. The construction industry uses Dynamics SL to improve everything from sales to job costing to materials management. Organizations that use government contracting leverage it to stay on time, on budget and in compliance with complex regulations.

Integrated Business Solutions

Organizations may extend the value of their applications through integrating business solutions together. This will enhance mobility, collaboration and productivity. MS Dynamics SL seamlessly operates with Office 365 functions such as instant messaging, document management and other cloud-based features. Microsoft Dynamics SL cloud may be deployed with the Microsoft Azure cloud. This comes the friendly flexibility of MS Dynamics SL with the enterprise-level security, reliability and scalability of Azure. Other integratable Microsoft programs include Business Analyzer, which is a windows-based business intelligence app, and Microsoft Dynamics SL Workspace and Microsoft SQL Server technology.

MS Dynamics SL helps with project budgeting, service contracts, purchase orders, resource management and collaborate work spaces. Contact us today so we can help you experience the benefits of a Dynamics ERP solution.