Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central DEMO for Business Owners

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Demo for Business Owners.

One of the challenges and priorities for any business owner is cash management.

In this scenario, I will show you how to gain quick access to financial reports and review the health of the company, manage cash, identify trends and opportunities, and review customer payments.

One of the challenges and priorities for any business owner is cash management: how to monitor cash and ensure that cash flow is positive. Do we have enough cash to stay in business? On the homepage of Dynamics 365 for Financials, you’ll see KPIs and trial balance—some of the favorite accounts that are in general ledger.

Managing cash: Let’s select the actions button in the top left. From here we’ll select the financial statements to link in the action bar and then select the statement of cash flows. Enter the start and end date for the period you wish to review, and then click the preview button, and this will preview the report on the screen.

So within two clicks, owners and other stakeholders can quickly and easily gain access to the information they need and be able to see the inflows and outflows of cash and determine how other decisions impact cash flow. A key metric for any organization is sales, or revenue; thus, the sales this month cue is hard-coded on the main page. Here, it’s highlighted in green. This is a visual cue to provide quick insights. At a quick glance, the owner can track monthly sales—and the queue, highlighted in green, is favorable this month. When we drill down, we can see the details of the sales activity for the period. Note that each page in Dynamics 365 is available to export to Excel. Here in Excel, we can take the data produced by Dynamics 365 for Financials and turn it into a visual cue. Click on the recommended charts, select the chart style you wish to use, and click OK.

And now I can take the financial information from Dynamics 365 and present it in a graphical fashion, which is easier to consume and understand. I can share this information with colleagues and other people in my organization simply by clicking on “Save to Cloud.”

Next, I’ll select list of people who I want to invite to be able to view this report, and once they’ve been invited, it will send an invitation to them along with a copy of the file. When they receive the email, they’ll have a link to open the document that’s been created.

Customers and their constituents need to have access to their information anywhere, anytime. Collaborating with the remote sales team is essential. Since this view of the data is complete, the owner saves the file to a SharePoint folder.

From the Excel will click on the waffle in the top left corner and then click on the power BI link.

Power BI presents data via the cloud in a format that’s easy to read easy to personalize and more importantly easy to gain insights into the data.

Rich data from virtually any data source and be fed into the company dashboard. The data connection developed by Microsoft allows data from dynamics 365 for financials to display capabilities such as the Q&A allow me to drill into the details and share with others inside or outside the organization and provide a rich experience.

I’ll select back button to return to the dashboard.

Next, I’m going to use the ask a question function and learn more about my data.

I can now use one of the suggested questions or type in my own in this case I chose me to drill down into my sales but I’d like to see a little more detail in a slightly different organization to that.

In this case, I’ll select vendor name so the items sold by individual vendors can be grouped together and I can see their performance.

The natural language capability built within power BI enables business decision-makers to quickly uncover trends and opportunities in their data, to significantly reduces the amount of time spent coming through the details of reports and data.

I’m again going to click on the waffle and now go back into dynamics 365 financials.

The search function located in the top right corner enables users to quickly locate the information they need to perform key tasks and achieve their goals.

In this case, I’m going to search for an aging report type aging into the search box and dynamics 365 for financial shows me a list of the reports in pages that have aging somewhere in their title.

When I click on the customer summary aging report I have a series of filters I can employ if I leave those filters blank I’ll click on preview and send the entire report to the screen.

Now we can see the age receivables report with my company customers and the dollar amounts due.

Dynamics 365 for financials familiar and intuitive interface drives quicker adoption reduces training time and cut support costs this provides business owners with the details they need to make informed and accurate decisions

Thank for watching.

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