4 Reasons Dynamics GP Users Migrate to
Dynamics 365 Business Central

4 Reasons Dynamics GP Users Migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central

A lot of Dynamics GP users are considering moving to Dynamics 365 Business Central, and there are four main reasons for this transition. Let’s explore them.

1. Changes in Microsoft Licensing

Microsoft has recently made changes to the licensing for Dynamics GP, prompting users to explore alternative systems. These adjustments make it advantageous to consider migrating to another system.

2. Migration to the Cloud

Many users are looking to migrate their business systems to the Cloud. Business Central offers a robust solution for this transition. Additionally, its modern, simplified interface enhances usability and learning.

3. Dynamics GP Licensing Changes

Recent changes in Dynamics GP licensing, including increased enhancement plan renewals and advanced plan rates, make it more expensive to maintain GP over time. Moreover, Microsoft’s shift to a modern lifecycle policy emphasizes the need for users to reconsider their ERP options.

4. Transition to Business Central

Users are considering transitioning to Business Central due to its alignment with cloud migration strategies and its appealing modern interface. The flexible chart of accounts in Business Central offers ease of setup and use compared to Dynamics GP.

Benefits of Cloud Integration

  • Automated upgrades in Dynamics 365 Business Central streamline the update process without requiring system shutdowns.
  • Integration is easier in the cloud, eliminating the need for on-site servers and reducing hardware, network, and security costs.
  • Moving the ERP system to the cloud may align with other organizational strategies pursued at this time.

Modern Interface and User Experience

Business Central’s modern interface offers enhanced functionality suited to the modern workforce. Functions that required multiple screens in Dynamics GP can now be performed in a single screen, making learning and using the system easier. Moreover, the reporting capabilities are significantly improved.

Enhanced Help and Support

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers comprehensive search functionality and context-relevant help on every screen, making it easier for users to find information and access assistance when needed.

Flexible Chart of Accounts

Business Central’s flexible chart of accounts simplifies setup and allows for dynamic adjustments, enhancing usability and reporting capabilities. Users no longer need to set up a static chart of accounts in advance, making the process much easier and more efficient.


The transition from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central represents a strategic move for organizations seeking modern, cloud-based ERP solutions with enhanced usability, flexibility, and support for evolving business needs.

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