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To develop your approach to a successful restaurant management whether you are a single restaurant or a multi-entity corporation with dozens of restaurants and/or franchises, you need to be certain that your systems partner is going to work just as hard as you.

TMC combines the finest ERP software available with their unique approach to fine and casual dining to create the perfect atmosphere for a 5 star rating. From POS and Back Office, through Financials to Reporting, we have all the dishes covered.

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The main benefits of a Restaurant ERP Solution:

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Improved Communication and Collaboration

Restaurant ERP solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system will benefit from improved communication and collaboration, including:

Microsoft Dynamics Restaurant ERP Solution:

  • Daily Flash Reports for monitoring and analyzing
  • Manage vendors effectively to contain costs
  • Poll stores nightly for real time financial data
  • Gain immediate visibility into your Cash Flow position
  • Reduce fixed and variable costs by optimizing your resources
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Integrated Payroll and Human Resources
  • Integrations to Hula, Aloha, Micros and more

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  • More effective communication between corporate offices and individual stores.
  • Quicker access to real-time data.
  • Immediate access to relevant information through a personalized dashboard.

Track Performance More Efficiently

By using a restaurant business intelligence solution, restaurant managers can easily track key performance indicators across many different dimensions. Additional benefits include the ability to:

  • Identify key trends in specific markets more easily.
  • Address issues related to performance.
  • Track performance at corporate and unit levels.

Better Business Decision Making

Access to real-time data is a prerequisite to making smart business decisions. With a restaurant erp business intelligence solution, managers and employees can benefit from:

  • Accessing meaningful reports to more easily track trends.
  • Identifying and addressing issues at corporate and store levels.
  • Analyzing data in response to market trends.
  • Manage and Control restaurant expenses.

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