Top Steps Required for a Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

For sure, traditional business startups are often scrambling to realize deliverables while governing probable overhead expenses. It goes without saying that the ability to profit is the top priority of all enterprises. The top priority is the bottom line!

However, as a business grows, the requirements for improved time management, for a comprehensive budget, for dynamic information resources, and for ways to streamline project management all become cutting-edge demands in pursuit of the top priority. Thus, the need for enterprise resource planning software (ERP) has arrived.

The most important decisions a business makes on their way to the top should be in complete alignment with justifying their choice of a dynamic ERP software that will be defectless for their particular enterprise going forward.

All of this to say that when you have made a decision in favor of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software, choosing easy-to-use modules (deliverables) in support of your business objectives is the next step and then, with your Technology Management Concepts (TMC) professional at your side, Microsoft Dynamics implementation can be managed relatively, hassle free.

1- Assessing your Integration

In light of this goal, by creating a Solutions Assessment (determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately—costs) with an ERP professional in the beginning–many hidden roadblocks are often cleared which otherwise would have had the potential to cause delay

Moreover, once all of your deliverable commitments (list of all of the items intended to be delivered) have been clearly defined in concert with TMC, and boundaries (established understanding for each party’s responsibilities) have been outlined and agreed upon–based on your comprehensive requirements document (hard copy of agreed upon customer requirements)–the professional will want to meet with the person you have designated to act as lead during the integration process.

Having such a person in place during ERP software implementation will produce an enormous difference on the avenue to a polished launch on your go-live date.

2- Implementing Alongside Professionals

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, TMC professionals come alongside our business partners every step of the way. During the implementation of new software, we become on-site, valued members and an integral associate on our partner’s leadership team.

Furthermore, TMC consultants are not only by your side to aid in the implementation of new systems, we are also there to help you integrate them with existing systems. In this case, your professional will work with you toward seamless transitions, ensuring that strong gap management is firmly in place.

3- Empowered to Grow

All Microsoft Dynamics software is designed to empower an organization to manage and grow their business. The evolution of an enterprise requires change.  Your professionals will bring their expertise to the table each time to help generate a flawless experience.

In like manner, it is also common for your ERP expectations to change as your business grows. This is where it is incumbent on you to refer to your original Solutions Assessment in order to amend the forecast and delineate projections–being sure to calculate obligations going forward—especially those that have the potential to become urgent.

A few suggestions to evaluate at this point might be:

  • Define new projections based on measurable success ratios;
  • Carefully re-evaluate, back-office workflow;
  • Appraise whether current and future roles and duties of employees are still specific and relative;
  • Anchor down leadership in each, unique area, ensuring that it remains classified and conspicuous;
  • Assess project management as to the probable scope of success over specified, measured time.

In conclusion, pledged professionals are part of what you can expect when you work with TMC, and this pledge continues for as long as you partner with us. Please contact us for more information on the endless ways in which we can help to make your trip to the top priority not just profitable–but a great ride!