TMC| Our Latest Client Success

Here at TMC, we are proud of our teams, we work together to make everything possible for all our customers. They trust us, we serve them well for Client Success.

Here are some of their great jobs lately, commented by our Professional Services Manager

For Gearys (July 2014) | Dynamics GP2013 Upgrade and Magento Website Integration

“Over the weekend TMC’s consulting team performed the upgrade for Gearys from Dynamics GP2010 to Dynamics GP2013 (with no sleep …). Today TMC was onsite for the customer and the launch of their new website. The transition was very smooth and I am proud to announce that the project was a great success!

During the project, Gearys partnered with both TMC and Guidance (a second time around) to bring their systems up to date with the latest technologies. The Storefront Website was converted and migrated to a Magento Platform by Guidance while TMC took on a much larger role by performing the upgrade and implementing the TMC Automation Framework for the Magento integrations, including the development of custom Bridal Registry touch points.

The TMC’s consulting team worked tirelessly and passionately on this project and deserve more accolades than any email can describe.

TMC’s Developers deserve a big THANK YOU for their contributions and efforts!

Congratulations on another BIG success for our team! “

For Viamericas (May 2014) | Dynamics GP Implementation

“Viamericas is live on Dynamics GP!  Using the TMC Automation Framework, integrations were developed with Viamericas internal Operations systems Via Central/ Via Cash for; Customers, Sales Transactions, Cash Receipts and Bank Transactions.  Customizations were developed to automate the detailed matching of transactions for Electronic Bank Reconciliation. They have successfully converted from QuickBooks and are using Dynamics GP with Management Reporter.  There is a second phase to this project that includes Accounts Payable integrations and Multicurrency….so more to come!

TMC’s Developers Team worked tirelessly on this project and deserves our kudos!  Special thanks to our Application Specialists for their setups, training and application support and to the Technical team for their final customizations required to get them live.  And let’s not forget our sales team who had to make the difficult phone calls and meetings when the timeline and budgets needed to be adjusted.

Truly a team effort!  Thanks for all your hard work guys!”

For Technicolor Canada (June 2014) | Easy Source Integration

“Please give a round of applause to TMC’s consulting team for completing the integration development for Technicolor Canada’s Easy Source implementation!  Easy Source is used by Technicolor for their Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receiving and Invoice matching.  The integrations were developed using Scribe and TMC came in on time and on budget!”

For Goodwill San Diego (June 2014) | Dynamics GP2013 Upgrade

“Congrats to the Goodwill San Diego team on a successful upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP2013!  The TMC’s Developers did an awesome job and made a great impression on the client.  Way to go guys!”

For Robeks (July 2014) | Dynamics GP2013 Upgrade and implementation

 “Hats off to the Robeks project team of TMC’s Developers on a successful upgrade from Dynamics GP 10 to Dynamics GP2013!  Way to go guys!”

For Children and Family Services (July 2014) | Interface Dynamics GP Server Move and Upgrade

“Kudos to TMC’s consulting team for yet ANOTHER successful upgrade for Interface Children and Family Services!  This client came to us as an orphan (left their Dynamics partner because they needed a partner with more experience with integrations and heavy GP background), and were hosted by InterDyn.  They were upgraded from GP2010 to GP2013 during their server move in which they are now locally installed on their own server.”