Every January the headlines fill with resolutions – lose weight, exercise more, save money – and more headlines about why these lofty goals don’t make it past January 2. According to one Harvard psychologist, the reason most resolutions fail is setting goals that are not realistic. A successful resolution is achievable and supported by positive feedback and specific milestones. Sheesh…if only there were an ERP for life!
If your company has resolved to be more successful in 2015, our distribution ERP software can help. This year, keep your resolution to lose weight (reduce redundancy in inventory), exercise more (get the most out of your ERP) and save money with Dynamics GP distribution ERP software from Microsoft.

Fully automated order picking

Business 2 Community reports as much as 60% of warehouse costs go toward order picking. Accurate picking, packaging and mailing is crucial for distribution efficiency. With Dynamics GP you can generate documents that record every movement of every item from handheld devices. That information continually syncs with the big picture so inventory count and order fulfillment track accurately.

Lose excess and redundant inventory

More is not always better, especially in the world of distribution. Inventory that collects dust and passes the expiration date is costing your company. Dynamics ERP is the solution for a fully integrated supply chain. With Dynamics GP your employees have an easy interface for simple ordering and tracking of inventory. Replenishment decisions improve through set limits and redundancy checks. With the entire inventory at your fingertips, you have the power to negotiate better terms with your vendors every time you place an order.

Visibility lets you see your success

The entire distribution process, important customers and best sellers are visible with Dynamics ERP. A good ERP company and a high-powered software will integrate all your company data so you can see real-time results of smart order picking, inventory tracking and more!

Dynamics GP for distribution is already a success story. Ready to get started on yours? Contact us today!