Retail ERP software keys on business intelligence, and even supply chain options


Retailers, be they a Walmart or a local hardware store, constantly struggle with inventory: The wrong selection, or quantity, can send a fickle customer to another outlet.

What’s needed is a retail ERP software, one that offers an integrated platform; what’s more, it should one provide not only a dashboard displaying customized views, but also the end-to-end tracking of the retail business.


‘POS’ key to inventory tracking…and more.

Shoppers do respond to the retailer’s marketing promotions when relevant products are presented.

As such, the retailer needs a single database—not separate and isolated programs—capable of showing POS transactions with inventory results calculated at the register, for example. This provides immediate transparency to what’s in stock. More importantly, reports can be generated to show trends that are surfacing within the customer base; this allows more opportunities to tweak promotional campaigns, including those all-important customer loyalty programs.

Beyond inventory, Microsoft Dynamics for retail provides the needed business intelligence for today’s call centers, marketing and that all-important customer care. Moreover, when it comes to monitoring the supply chain—particularly for the multi-chain retailer and eCommerce retailer—it’s crucial to optimize delivery options. This means the single-point delivery channel can no longer be relied upon. Instead, several vendors may be needed to keep the funnel full, be it drop shipments for the eCommerce side, or store deliveries to brick-and-mortar stores.


Stay ‘engaged’ with your customers…

Microsoft Dynamics is “in tune” with today’s social media, where customer receive their product reviews before making a purchase. The software provides analytics of where customers are shopping, and the brands they choose. Consequently, the software answers the customer’s need intuitive engagement with retailers.

Ultimately, the successful outcome for retailers using Microsoft Dynamics is “seamless and consistent engagement” with their customers.

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