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Using Dynamics 365 for Retail in the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service to Manage and Scale Your Operations

With Dynamics 365 for Retail, retailers can use the flexibility and scalability of the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to expand their operations worldwide. Azure offers a simple way to scale your business up or down as you manage seasonal fluctuations and grow. As businesses grow, continuous product updates delivered through the cloud help ensure that critical updates get implemented across the organization, which is incredibly important in keeping data secure and compliant. Dynamics 365 offers centralized channel management that allows devices, point-of-sale terminals, stores, and staff to be managed at the local, regional, company, and global levels.

Dynamics 365 enables quick deployments of the store’s point-of-sale and retail devices with minimal configuration. You no longer have to worry about network disruptions, either within the store or at corporate headquarters, as the solution offers full deployment flexibility with both offline and hybrid on-premises capabilities through the Retail Store Scale Unit.

In addition, Dynamics 365 easily integrates with other external systems that you may have already deployed, as well as other Microsoft products with which you’re probably familiar, such as Word and Excel. Consequently, you can spend less time training your employees on how to use the software and more time enjoying its benefits. Through the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud services, Dynamics 365 offers the tools for retail operations to grow at a pace that suits their needs at the time, whether it be introducing new products or expanding into new markets.

Microsoft is working hard to give the retail industry the tools that businesses need to improve their operational efficiencies so that they can focus more on serving their customers and expanding their reach. As Microsoft Certified Partners, we would be happy to assist you with your Dynamics 365 implementation. Contact us to get started today.