Last year, ERP’s were only for the heavyweight companies: multi-national, multi-marketed mega-companies who could afford to invest in completely overhauling their analytics and tying all their functions into one mega-complex software.

That was then, this is now: this year, expect to see a big jump in ERP’s that are tailor-made for small to medium-size enterprise, in a variety of markets. When ERP’s hit the software scene, they were too complex, and frankly, too expensive for the average retail company to even dream of using. But now, TMC has a handful of options created just for you. Here’s the short-list of retail ERP software to get your small to medium-sized retail operation playing in the big leagues:

NetSuite eCommerce edition

While this application isn’t making headlines yet, it will be. This is what every small to medium-sized retailer wants: to “look like Amazon.” is so pervasive that consumers are trained to expect an eCommerce shopping experience that is a comparable interface.

NetSuite eCommerce edition is Microsoft’s answer for the small retailer. This software does what a traditional ERP does – streamlining business processes, inventory control, customer relations, but on a manageable scale. It also integrates your brick-and-mortar retail location with all your online operations, giving customers the option to order online and pick up at your store, for example.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

If the sky’s the limit with your company, why not hit the ground running with Microsoft Dynamics GP? This fully scalable ERP software meets you where you are: a small to mid-sized retail company and shows you the greatest achievable potential.

When your company integrates every function into Dynamics GP, you will start to see ROI instantly. This software streamlines the ordering process, tightens up your supply chain and wait time, and maximizes employee productivity with real-time analytics that you can see.

Dynamics GP gives you actionable priorities to save you money and time. So, what are you going to do with all those extra goodies? Grow into the future, and let Dynamics GP grow with you!

The options are almost limitless when your retail company teams up with Microsoft. Contact us to find out what we can do for your business today!