Your mid-sized manufacturing business with its remote distribution center needs a single, database management system. For too long , you’ve relied on a number of non-integrated applications and programs. This caused many production bottlenecks and inventory control problems. In addition you experienced cash flow interruptions due to inaccurate invoicing and supply chain disconnects.

An inexpensive solution is Microsoft’s Dynamics ERP software designed to streamline many of your back office and production-line processes. Moreover, by using a hybrid approach, you can opt migrate select programs to the cloud while benefiting from Microsoft’s agile Azure model to access its SaaS platform.

In the past, you weren’t sold on the idea of using the cloud for any of your critical programs and applications. Indeed, “perimeter based security issues” seemed unanswered.

But a Forrester report-summary highlights how far companies have progressed in adopting the cloud. More than just fleeting trend, businesses are embracing the cloud, like MS Azure, not only for better security enhancements, but also “better flexibility and speed.”

Today, Microsoft Dynamics 365 with mobile accessibility positions the SMB manufacturers and distributors in a more competitive environment. In the later case, supply chain solutions increase overall productivity:

“The automation…helps reduce redundant tasks and can increase accuracy—from your desk all the way to your customer’s receiving dock (to) eliminate bottlenecks, improve order processes, and minimize both handling time and overhead. And, because it works like and with Microsoft Office, there’s less training and better cross-department communication.”

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