Businesses using Microsoft ERP solutions are benefiting from the innovative software solutions being offered with: Dynamics NAV, GP, SL, CRM, and Azure products. No matter what size or industry a business or organization is, Microsoft Dynamics offers custom ERP solutions for streamlined and integrated efficiency in workflow processes. In this article, let’s discuss how businesses will additionally benefit when working with a Microsoft Gold Partner.

What’s a Microsoft Gold Partner?

The specific word to look for is: Gold, which sets a company apart as the most highly accredited independent technical support providers. These are companies required to offer support for data management and software development, and use Microsoft technology as their primary platform.

Not just any company can achieve Gold certification, as those who do must complete and pass difficult tests to prove their level of technological expertise. They require your consulting team to be large enough to where you can handle hundreds of customers, the consultants are certified in every area of each Dynamics ERP product you carry and continue to go to yearly trainings/events. Microsoft also takes into consideration the amount of new customer adds, how many customers they retain each year (95% and above required) and the total revenue the partner brings in yearly. In addition Microsoft interviews 10 random customers of each partner to get feedback/reviews on that partner.

Only 10% of the Microsoft Dynamics Channel earns the ability to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. TMC is proud to say it’s been a Gold Certified partner for the past 13 years running, one of the top ERP vendors in California.

While working with a Microsoft Certified Partner is good, finding a Gold Certified Partner is even better. The Gold Partners basically provide the highest level of expertise available for Microsoft products.

Benefits of Working With a Microsoft Gold Partner

Automatically when working with a Microsoft Gold Partner, an organization using Microsoft Dynamics will be assured of receiving the highest level of expertise and technical support available. Although the service still needs to connect with your organization’s needs at a personal level, this certification is a good indication of their overall capabilities.

A Gold Certified Partner will have more ability to solve complex issues or challenges, which your organization may come across when integrating and implementing Microsoft Dynamics software solutions. While lesser qualified services are scrambling for answers, a Microsoft Gold Partner will know exactly what direction to go. This saves time, money, and brings assurance of getting quality support to keep all processes flowing.


Knowledge is power, and this power is harnessed when working with a Microsoft Gold Certificated Partner. Ensure your company is effectively using these powerful Microsoft ERP software solutions, by looking for a Dynamics Partner. To learn more, please contact us today.