With features fulfilling the fundamental needs of small, medium and large businesses alike, Microsoft 365 carries an impact at the height of competitive value across the board of global industries. Microsoft’s reported usage statistics shown in its FY21 Q2 results show that just last year, Microsoft 365 had 200 million monthly active users worldwide. If your business benefits even moderately from the classic Office 365 base of supportive features, a well-executed migration to Microsoft 365 could produce immeasurably valuable benefits in both in security and flexibility.

What Distinguishes Microsoft 365 from Office 365?

Microsoft 365 is an asset that takes the power of Office 365 and empowers it with a cloud-based interface. At a glance, Microsoft 365 could essentially be called a “cloud mobilized” adaptation of its predecessor. Just the same as Office 365, Microsoft 365 streamlines its bundle of productivity products under a single unified license assignable to business entities employing it. However, where Microsoft 365 is distinguished in its specialized design for data security and mobile enterprise data management.

Microsoft 365 could be said to strengthen enterprise security by tackling two powerful pinpoint data protection targets: data resilience and data recovery. This service bolsters the preemptive defenses of your crucial enterprise and customer data against viral threats such malware and another potential cyberattacks. Should you need to restore data for any reason, whether due to data being compromised or simply to be cautious, Microsoft 365’s cloud design accommodates this with constantly updated backups to the most recent state for full recovery functionality.

These protective and restorative features are Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Tools, exclusively available only with a subscription or migration to Microsoft 365. With these tools in place, all vital files are ensured to be protected and recoverable in case of all risks of infection or leaking.

Microsoft 365 has Enhanced Workplace Maintenance

Microsoft 365 takes all the helpful productivity resources provided by Office 365 up to another level of reliability and efficiency. The enterprise security features granted by the Microsoft 365 Business edition encompass those offered by the Office 365 Business Premium subscription by default.

Though only certain Windows 365 installations come with Windows 10 pre-installed, those that do can make it far easier to effectively manage team work accounts. The EMS tools grant the ability to custom-modify company account policies on both PC and mobile devices operating on the company’s network.

Microsoft 365 Subscription Costs

Microsoft 365 contains the whole of Office 365’s productive power and then some; understandably, this is reflected in their comparative subscription costs. While a bare-bones Office 365 subscription can be attained for as economically as $5 per month, the potential cost of risks spared by Microsoft 365’s security features make up more than tenfold its subscription price for companies that make the investment.

The Migratory Process

Considering the scale of data to be maintained on the average workplace network, the process of moving from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 is an intricate and heavily information-dense operation that requires high attentiveness to detail in rolling it out. Many complex and critical “moving parts” make up the mass of data composing your company’s content, and thus, it’s best serviced by an expert touch to assure success. Investing in the assistance of credible migration and management team can be an immensely helpful move to get the most immediate and long-term value out of Microsoft 365.

Learn More about Microsoft 365

If you’d like to learn about how the Office-to-Microsoft 365 migration process might best play out for your business in particular, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to helping you along to the most successful outcome possible.

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