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Even the smallest healthcare practice must follow specific HIPPA and other compliance measures to meet federal guidelines and Medicare and Medicad (CMS) billing procedures: Delays in having systems in place can result in huge penalties with the CMS, not to mention the risk to patient relationships.

Today’s non-integrated business processing programs, like Excel or third-party applications to track patient management, hinder a practice, or organization, from meeting this ongoing challenges.

By using a hybrid solution of both on-premise and cloud ERP platform, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, clinics and hospitals are better able to provide optimum healthcare services.

Aside from streamlining back office accounting tasks and providing better control of ordering and inventory management, Dynamics GP provides analysis of departmental data. In fact, Forbes points out just how important ‘big data is changing healthcare’ in driving efficiencies as well as creating actionable, patient models:

“Beyond improving profits and cutting down on wasted overhead, Big Data in healthcare is being used to predict epidemics, cure disease, improve quality of life and avoid preventable deaths…models of treatment delivery are rapidly changing, and many of the decisions behind those changes are being driven by data. The drive now is to understand as much about a patient as possible, as early in their life as possible…”

To learn more about Dynamics GP and how it can help your practice or healthcare organization, contact us. Leverage the benefits of working through a Microsoft Dynamics partner: We are a certified, Microsoft Gold Partner who understands the pre-sale, implementation and deployment process.