Forrester Research notes how ERP systems are moving toward better integration and connectivity

In case you haven’t heard: ERP systems isn’t simply the latest program du jour in business applications. Microsoft introduced ‘enterprise resource planning’ (ERP) programs back in 1998.

The move away from ‘traditional’ business processes…

But what is ‘new,’ according to a recent Forrester report , is the shift the product has experienced as it moves its focus away from ERP systems  purely for “process management and cost retrenchment.” Instead, the inner workings are designed to identify, enhance  and open the doors to better marketing, sales, data analysis and business intelligence opportunities; this, for large and small-to-medium size businesses alike.

“Companies are no longer content to keep their ERP data walled off from the rest of the organization. They want broader access to and use of this data so more employees can easily access information that’s relevant to their roles and helps them do their jobs more effectively.4 Firms also want their staff to be able to access ERP data and use ERP applications from more devices, including smartphones and tablets.”

Better decision-making thank to ERP Systems.

In short, instead of simply storing more and more data in isolated silos today’s ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, gives users analytic capabilities to improve cross-departmental accountability to real-time connectivity for better customer engagement.

Dynamics GP 2016 (due May 2016): Many licensing and deployment options.

Today, ERP systems are in abundance, often with multiple non-integrated systems residing in a single business. Consequently, the genius behind ERP solutions, like Microsoft Dynamics GP,  resides in the suite’s developer tools: business owners are assured of full immersion with plenty of options to unite many  third-party vendor programs and applications.

Other examples of enhanced connectivity with Dynamics GP include better collaboration and transparency with an accounting department: users can implement Dynamics GP’s Web Services via eConnect. This gives users remote access to and across-the-board control “from any device…anywhere.

With Dynamics GP, business owners of small manufacturing or distribution and supply chain operations enjoy the freedom of choosing on-premise, or online implementations.

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