ERP software for restaurants generates real-time data, like ‘flash reports’ to poll financials.


As the owner of a successful restaurant, you’ve been fortunate to be able to opened a number of other restaurants in the area. You’ve hired good managers who know how to control costs while not affecting the quality of food or service.

Now, you are spending too much of your time in each of the franchises going over the financials while allowing your managers the time to do what they do best: run the restaurant.

However, with plans to open yet another restaurant soon, you realize your record keeping and ability to make accurate financial projects has slowed considerably. What’s more, each of your managers spends too much time with using an off-the-shelf accounting package with a lot of limitations.

What you need now is a single database, like an ERP software for restaurants. The suite can provide an quick overviews  on the financial health of the chain. It can do this without managers spending an inordinate amount of time searching for information. Often, files and needed data reside in isolated files located on desktops throughout your organization. For sure, an ERP platform, one that will offer mobile accessibility, will help move your business to that next level of success.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP…

Remember how difficult—and time consuming—it was for your managers to provide ‘flash reports’ to you? Now, you’re able to get that financial overview that updates you on each location’s financials: quick and accurate financial snapshots.

Better collaboration…

Each restaurant has quicker access to real-time data to help control costs, monitor preferred vendor activity and better communication among all stakeholders; this, through a customized dashboard.

Track ‘trends’…

The Microsoft Dynamic ERP platform helps restaurant owners, and managers, track trends and cycles, from monitoring performance related issues to making sure the menus remain keyed to their specific locales.

Controlling expenses…

The corporate level-staff can better manage and control restaurant expenses through this suite’s real-time analytics capabilities.

This provides a more accurate pathway to overall decision-making: gone are inaccurate entries—or duplicates!—that can skew financial reports, for example.

Learn more about the many performance tools Microsoft Dynamics ERP can provide your business. Contact us. Let our trained staff help lead you through the purchase process.