Restaurant owners may be quick to buy the latest dual- ovens on the market, but pushback when it comes investing in technology to improve their business processes.

ERP, or how to watch ten steaks at a time…

After all, they often have little time to do more than handle payroll, or keep track of ongoing costs. In a way, it’s much like the chef watching over ten steaks on the grill, turning each one at the right time to make sure those rare-to-mediums come out that way.

While this might well be a quirky analogy to the workings of ERP for restaurants, it serves to highlight the importance of consistent and accurate entries to monitor the inner-workings of the business.

More than just back-office tasks…

More importantly, the platform carries out a number of those back office functions, such as data entry or tracking employee hours/hiring and payroll. For the restaurant owner who may be juggling the workflow of a number of locations, the ERP platform provides users with mobile access to real-time information status of their operations.

Old methods of tracking inventory needs, like using Excel, can make it difficult for managers in multiple locations to know the whereabouts of supplies, or when they should be re-ordering more. A common dilemma is the lack of transparency of the information. With data residing on multiple systems, for example, it is very difficult for managers to make sound business decisions.

Dynamics ERP = top down transparency…

What makes the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software so valuable to the restaurant sector is its ability to improve lines of communications from the ‘top down.’ Moreover, managers can customize their own dashboards for quicker overviews on all aspects of their operations.

But the overriding feature behind this software is the Microsoft partner who is not only selling the software, but is also there to provide pre-sales and installation support: Technology Management Concepts (TMC), a proven partner with Microsoft with an impressive list of clients to backup this claim. Contact us today.