Dynamics SL helping to "reshape" business management tasks.

A lot of opinions, some based on research and others not, point to the positive outcome technology is having in the workplace. Underscoring it all is the ease in which workers can navigate emails, business processing apps and the Internet to do their jobs.

In fact, the Pew Research Center noted that technology is “reshaping” almost every avenue of business, from the factory floor to the office cubicle. It may sound like a negative result of technology, but we are in fact conducting a majority of our tasks online.

For the business thinking of upgrading their accounting package, or adding software to track production on the factory floor, the very thought of migrating programs to the cloud, for example, often translates to employees “wasting time” on the Internet.

That may be a concern in the past, before the latest ERP/CRM platforms, such as Dynamics SL  were made available.

Before then, and using multiple legacy programs, the accounting department probably spent too much time searching for emails, spreadsheets and other non-integrated programs to find what they needed to generate accurate financials; handle payables and payroll.

In this instance, Dynamics SL is a key component for project-driven businesses as it provides accounting insights into all phases of a project: construction, professional services, engineering and government contracting, to name a few. And, when ‘compliance regulations’ are at the forefront, Dynamics SL seamless integrated real-time updates to the latest changes.

To determine if Dynamics SL, or another Microsoft Dynamics platform, is best for your business, Contact us to learn more about the ease of implementation and subscription levels available through a Microsoft certified Gold Partner.

Written by B.H. (Sales Department)

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