Flexibility - Why Dynamics GP Is Better For Your Company vs. Intacct

Selecting an accounting software isn’t easy. Business is a constantly shifting environment so you need to find an ERP system that can adapt to changes in your company quickly and smoothly. So when comparing the two industry leaders, Microsoft Dynamics GP vs. Intacct, it’s clear why Dynamics GP is a better option. It simply provides you the most flexibility.

Greater Feature Selection

Microsoft Dynamics GP boasts a longer tenure that no other ERP can match, with over 23 years of perfecting its software. This is evident by the 50,000 plus customers Dynamics GP boasts. Because of the customer adoption and the years in the industry, Microsoft has been able to develop the broadest range of features available. Whether you’re looking for specific functionality to operate your own payroll, generate customized report data or maximize your options for inventory control, Dynamics GP can be molded to fit your specific needs. A comprehensive list of the available features, can be found on here.

If you find the sheer number of features Dynamics GP offers daunting, don’t be concerned. The software is designed so that you can tailor your profile settings into a set of specific user roles. This allows you to simply pick and choose which features you want easy access to, resulting in software that maximizes utility and is easy to use. So there is no need to implement all the modules listed, you can add them as your company grows.

System based flexibility

Unlike Intacct, Dynamics GP can be run locally or from a cloud-based system. Dynamics GP can be run locally allowing you access to the software, even while working offline.

A further advantage this offers is the option to choose when your software is upgraded. Updates are applied automatically when working in cloud-based software such as Intacct, but working locally allows you to select if and when you want to update–allowing you to choose the ideal window when the downtime that accompanies software updates will have a minimal effect on your productivity. That’s the beauty of being on a private hosted version of the product instead of the multi-tenant hosted versions like the Intacct’s and NetSuite’s where you simply get upgraded when everyone else is upgraded, even if that time isn’t good for your company.

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