Why Manufacturing and Distribution Companies Are Migrating from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 BC

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains (GP) has been on an upward trend for more than ten years by being a reliable and solid ERP solution. However, Microsoft will stop its technological advancements for Dynamics GP by 2028.

Now that begs the question, what choices do current GP users have, especially in the manufacturing and distribution industry?

While current users can continue to use GP, Microsoft is more committed to cloud-first solutions. As a result, manufacturing and distribution companies should advance to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for its cutting-edge cloud-based capabilities. Read on to discover why companies are migrating to Dynamics 365 BC and the benefits of Dynamics 365.

Dynamics Business Central Is Easy To Customize

It is pretty easy to customize GP, but users can customize Business Central using the drag-and-drop interface without prior knowledge of programming skills. At best, changing Business Central logic is straightforward, and one can save it between updates. Business Central also has an intuitive look and user-friendly interface that can be accessed across multiple devices from any location. Users can enjoy seamless integration with the rest of the Microsoft suite even without using RDP and VPN.

Dynamics Business Central Can Be Stored in the Cloud

Unlike Dynamics GP, Business Central can be stored in the cloud. Consequently, users can migrate to the cloud anytime and remain on-premises for much longer, ensuring that they are updated with consistent features without completing an entire upgrade process. It is also interesting to learn that Microsoft handles all security monitoring, intrusion detection, and penetration testing for Dynamics 365 BC users.

Dynamics Business Central Offers Automatic Updates

Most GP users complain about GP upgrades. Updates are challenging to implement and not predictable, especially when using an outdated version of GP. A positive aspect of Business Central is that updates are predictable. Updates take less time to complete, with two significant updates occurring annually. Microsoft will notify you when a specific update is available, and you may automatically authorize it to push the update at a predetermined time. Alternatively, you can choose the particular date of the update by yourself.

Top Benefits of Migrating from GP to BC

  • There are no more pricey upgrades, as Business Central is upgraded automatically
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications
  • Applying Business Central is cost-saving due to the fewer Microsoft partners who will support GP after its discontinuation
  • Since BC exists in the Azure cloud, improved data security is guaranteed
  • Streamline resources
  • BC provides real-time visibility across its manufacturing or operational flow.
  • Microsoft is investing more effort in BC, and GP will no longer receive security updates and enhanced features
  • BC is more scalable
  • BC has enhanced approval workflows
  • The reporting options are vigorous
  • BC has extensive financial reporting options
  • BC includes customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Enhanced manufacturing and distribution capabilities

Are Microsoft Partners a Reliable Choice?

It is Microsoft’s responsibility to determine which Dynamics GP partners have achieved the status of solution partners. Also, it recommends that some of its partners assist businesses with migrating from GP to BC. Therefore, transitioning from GP to Business Central has never been easier. With this in mind, migrating to Business Central becomes a question of when. You should consult a reliable Microsoft partner for a dynamic solution that fits your company’s needs when you are ready.

Partner With a Reliable Microsoft Partner You Can Trust

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